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Why is't there a place fo sign up again because of my credit card change?????

It was time for me to renew and of course you could not use my old card, since i has been changed due to a compromise of someone using my card number in a bogus sale.... Why don't you have a place to tell us to go to when this happens....

otherwise I will just forget about it.

it is too much aggravation. Marilyn

1 answer
According to the Jacquie Lawson Help page, if you need to update your payment information, you should log into your Account and go to the My Details page.
For further assistance please contact Jacquie Lawson Customer Service at or submit your request on the company website.

I wanted to give a 1 year subscription to my daughter, it went to mine.

by Tajuana

The new account was to be for Tanith Korravai, using my other credit card. But the subscription prolongeged my already automatic renewable subscription.

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I have forgot my password, how can I get into my account?

by Cylee

Neglected to write down.

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I just send a card to Tito Ros and just had message from my daughter that she received it.something gone wrong?

by Floria

The card I send to Tito went to my daughter.Tito is in Spain,daughter in UK,something went wrong.

0 answers

how do I change my password

by Nijel

my e-mail was hacked. I need to change my e-mail New address jackiemaxwell84@***.com

0 answers

This is NOT a review! It's a PRIVATE QUESTION!

by Darcee A

I have a fully paid account with you under my email address, darceeanthony@***.com. I sent a card, along with a PAID Advent calendar to my brother, but I gave you an incorrect email address.

How can I have my money refunded? Or the Advent Calendar sent IMMEDIATELY? I gave you the address of lon.jenkins@***.com which is incorrect!

The correct address should be Jenkins.lon@***.com. Thank you!

0 answers

How do I change the font in the message please

1 answer
Unfortunately there isn't any information on how to change the font of the message. Try contacting Jacquie Lawson customer service for assistance via their online support form.

how to make font bigger in message

by Orion

When I preview the card and message I am sending the font is so tiny it is hard to read. I have sent many cards in the past and never found that to be a problem.

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how can I cancel my membership.

Nothing happen, my family has asked to discontinue sending musical cards. I have been very pleased with your card, for many years.

Therefore, my sincere thanks to you and your staff. Evelyn

1 answer
According to the Jacquie Lawson faq section, to terminate your membership on the expiry date shown please follow these steps:
  • log on at;
  • go to My Details;
  • make sure that Automatic Renewal is set to 'No';
  • your membership should then expire on the date shown.

If you need to cancel your membership immediately, please contact the Jacquie Lawson customer care team via the support form at

I no longer get samples of your cards shown.

by Rita R

I am unable to see samples of your cards unless I press View Card. This makes choosing a card very difficult.

What has gone wrong? I have been a customer of yours for some years, and have never had this problem before.

0 answers

How do I access the game purchased for me as a gift.

I have the desktop Widget but cannot open the content - I have a code but do not know where to enter it. (UJYDZ-XRRK-BDJR)

1 answer
Unfortunately, there is no information on where you should insert your code. If you have problems with accessing a game, contact Jacquie Lawson customer service

Why are personal messages no longer embedded when sending a card?

Your personal messages used to be embedded in cards sent as well as choice of color, style and font size didn't they? The text box is tacky and font size barely large enough to read!

Ridiculous that a customer must wait 48 hours for response. You should have a customer service phone number for goodness sake!

I'd also recommend more new cards and variety. Reply ASAP

1 answer
Unfortunately, Jacquie Lawson does not provide any information about why personal messages are no longer embedded when sending a card on the company website. Please contact the Jacquie Lawson customer care team for assistance.
You may share your experience with Jacquie Lawson customers as well as the company's top management by posting your comments via the company social networks.
You may also send your comments to the Jacquie Lawson corporate office by mail. The address is as follows:
Jacquie Lawson Cards Microcourt Limited, trading as PO Box 221 SHEFFIELD, S98 1NW United Kingdom


How can a check a charge?

I was charged for 2 year membership and my subscription doesn't lapse until 2021.

1 answer
According to Jacquie Lawson Help page, you may be charged twice for:
  • your membership or renewal;
  • gift memberships you may have purchased for other people;
  • Curio Collection, English Garden or Advent Calendars.

If the extra charge is not explained above, you should contact Jacquie Lawson Helpline by choosing “No - I'd like to submit my question to your helpline” on the company website (in the bottom of the faq page) and provide them with full details regarding your issue.
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